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Month: January 2014

Installing Minion Pro & Myriad Pro

Minion Pro (a serif font for body text) and Myriad Pro (a sans serif font for section headings) are beautiful fonts to use when writing papers.  In my opinion, they make a well-written paper even more pleasant to read.  I first saw Minion Pro used in a SIGCOMM paper from MSR, and I’ve been using it ever since, including in my dissertation.

An example of using Myriad Pro.
An example of using Myriad Pro.

Unfortunately, installing new fonts in LaTeX is complicated.  It requires dozens of steps and a simple typo in any one of them can lead to hours of unneeded headaches.  This is why I was ecstatic to find a git repository that automates installing these fonts.  You can find it here:  https://github.com/sebschub/FontPro.  Just be sure to run the install script as sudo.  Also, after installing each font, type:

Picture of a cloud

Thoughts on developing & teaching a cloud computing class

This past semester, I co-developed and co-taught a graduate class on cloud computing (15-719, Fall 2013) with three other professors at CMU.  The class was targeted at Master’s students (mostly) and PhD students (somewhat).  My responsibilities included developing an initial version of the syllabus, creating and supporting the projects, and lecturing.  I also created a project for a separate cloud computing online course being developed at CMU.  This was my first time teaching/developing a class, so I wanted to record some of my experiences here.

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